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Pik a Pak

Uses & Benefits

You can mix and match items to a total of 12 in a pak. To order, please call the office at 800-370-6490

if not completely satisfied within 30 days.
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Guardian All Purpose Neutral pH Cleaner

Guardian is an all-purpose cleaner used for daily cleaning of highly polished floors and other surfaces.  This neutral pH product will not attack, haze or dull floor finish.  Like the name implies, Guardian will protect your floors from the harmful effects of ice melt, salt crystals and day-to-day soils.  Guardian has a controlled foam, lemon fragrance, and is ideal for auto scrubbers, mop buckets and pails.

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Molecules Plus Odor Counteractant

Molecules Plus is an instant action odor eliminator.  It is an exciting new breakthrough in the technology of removing odors from the environment without masking, adding a new odor, or using formaldehyde.  Proprietary in formulation and unique in deliverance, it effectively eliminates smoke odors, urine, feces, cooking odors, mold and mildew odors, or any other malodor.  Ideal for space spraying or for use in mop water and carpet extractors.

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Bug Off Personal Insecticide Repellent

Bug Off is an insect repellent that has a pleasant fragrance, leaves no oily film on your skin, and will repel those nasty mosquitoes, biting flies, chiggers, ticks and other small flying insects.  Bug-Off contains 23% deet and it will continue to work even through perspiration.  Bug-Off has a compact size so its convenient to carry or store.  It also has a 360 spray any way valve. Safe on fabrics and clothing, Bug-Off is ideal for everyone! 

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