What can Northland Chemical do for me?

  • Constantly researching and developing formulas that work faster and safer.
  • Providing FAST delivery to keep your business operating.
  • Training your staff and employees on proper usage of chemicals.
  • Providing you personalized services with one of our trusted chemical advisors
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Pik a Pak

Uses & Benefits

You can mix and match items to a total of 12 in a pak. To order, please call the office at 800-370-6490

if not completely satisfied within 30 days.
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Melt Down Calcium Chloride (35lb Pail)

Melt Down Calcium Chloride is 100% pearlized calcium chloride that is the fastest, most effective ice melt that works to -40F.  Available in 35lb pails.

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Heat Wave™ Liquid Ice Melt

HeatWave is the ultimate liquid treatment.  It is odorless, colorless and will not track or leave a mess.  Excellent for pre-storm treatment of sidewalks, steps, ramps, parking lots. It will melt the first inch of snow. Does not allow ice and snow to bond to the pavement or concrete.

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Ice Eater Multi-Melt Pallet (49-50# bags)

Ice Eater Multi-Melt offers the best of all worlds with a blend of magnesium, calcium and sodium. It works to -25F and is colored green. A perfect product for those looking for an earth friendly and fast acting blend.

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